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TOP 3 Industries Which Rely Heavily on Artificial Intelligence

1 year ago

With new applications and possibilities discovered all the time, AI’s impact on the business world promises to be nothing short of transformative - as one of the most significant technological advancements in recent years, artificial intelligence is set to increasingly disrupt the way industries and businesses work.

Some of the largest industries currently affected by AI include:


AI and ML algorithms offer great potential in the finance industry. These algorithms are self-learning and can be extremely valuable to both the customer and the financial organisation if fed the right data.

Here are 6 main ways of how AI is changing the finance department. Let’s take a look at what we and our business can expect with AI:

#1 Efficiency will skyrocket

#2 Big firms will not be the only ones enjoying the benefits

#3 Online security will improve

#4 Chatbots will get better and more useful

#5 Trading and Cryptocurrency trading will improve

#6 The employees will turn more to advisory positions


Healthcare is one of the most critical sectors in the broader landscape of big data because of its fundamental role in a productive, thriving society. The application of AI to healthcare data can literally be a matter of life and death. AI can assist doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers in their daily work.

AI in healthcare can enhance preventive care and quality of life, produce more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans, and lead to better patient outcomes overall. AI can also predict and track the spread of infectious diseases by analysing data from a government, healthcare, and other sources. As a result, AI can play a crucial role in global public health as a tool for combating epidemics and pandemics.


More than ever before, AI will allow marketers to reach consumers based on their interests and demographics. In addition, the technology will make it easier to put customers into distinct groups that provide for more accurate segmentation and marketing content.

AI will also be better able to track the type of content consumers find interesting. This knowledge can help businesses to offer customers experiences that are highly tailored and beneficial to them, which could lead to higher conversion rates.

AI technology could also help marketers separate their customers into distinct persona groups depending on their place in the sales funnel and understand exactly what motivates them.

AI also allows marketers to track which messages, such as email or text, are interacted with, deleted, or shared. It also allows for A/B testing, where, for example, emails with two different subject lines are sent out and tracked to determine which is more successful in getting the audience to open the email.

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