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5 Deadly Sins of Software Development

Software development refers to a process of designing, programming, developing, testing, deploying, and supporting software. Developing new software can be a really complex task. The complexity of software development can cause a developer to get overwhelmed with the development process resulting in grave mistakes or sins as are referred to in this blog. These sins can destroy the quality of the software due to which companies can lose trillions of dollars.

Avoid the 5 common mistakes of software development that no one should be condemned to repeat. Here we go …

SIN #1: Overplanning

Thinking before work is essential, but when you’re overthinking and overplanning, you’re missing the strategy course of the development process. After that, you have a delay in launching the product, and it’s not fit for customers. After all, you have missed many-core details, because you concentrated a lot on not-so-important details.

SIN #2: Zero Chemistry, Zero Productivity in a Team

Like Team Sports, in a software development process, each team member is responsible for the work of the various tasks. If teams do not understand each other and do not know what a member is doing, misunderstanding and misconceptions occur. This is also the case in the project; if the teams do not understand each other, what is the strategy of the development process, we will face a disaster during the compiling process.

SIN #3: More isn’t More

Every line of code is a seedbed for bugs and more work to maintain. The size of your team or the speed of your developers aren’t a guarantee of quality or productivity. You are so thinking before coding is better than coding fiercely without thinking.

SIN #4: Use Incorrect Strategy

It is something that we have seen many times during a code review :

You’re using functions without optimization;

You can solve any challenge efficiently with a couple of lines and update them without thinking, but you’re using libraries to do something;

Loading huge files into memory and processing them instead of reading them chunk by chunk and processing them;

Parallelizing tasks, leaving the rest of the machine without resources for other tasks.

SIN #5: Making something work without knowing how it works

Writing code without thinking about who will come after;

Copying and pasting code from StackOverflow without understanding it;

Ignoring errors.

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