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10 Trending MediaPipe Projects in 2022

The Hardware of modern smartphones enables the operation of complex machine learning algorithms on them.

MediaPipe powers revolutionary products and services we use daily. Unlike power-hungry machine learning Frameworks, MediaPipe requires minimal resources. MediaPipe, as one of the most innovative and multifunctional machine learning solutions of recent times, allows developers to use the data-trained sets of Google and use the sophisticated software architecture used to create each MediaPipe product.

It is noteworthy that Google has published 17 different types of projects on the MediaPipe Github page; most are multi-platform and already have support for more than one type of device.

Here is the list of the 10 most trending and most used MediaPipe Projects in 2022:

#1 Face Detection

an ultrafast face detection solution that comes with 6 landmarks and multi-face support.

#2 Face Mesh

solution that estimates 468 3D face landmarks in real-time even on mobile devices.

#3 Iris

A wide range of real-world applications, including computational photography (glint reflection) and augmented reality effects (virtual avatars) rely on accurately tracking the iris within an eye.

#4 Hands

The ability to perceive the shape and motion of hands can be a vital component in improving the user experience across a variety of technological domains and platforms.

#5 Pose

Human pose estimation from video plays a critical role in various applications such as quantifying physical exercises, sign language recognition, and full-body gesture control.

#6 Holistic

Live perception of simultaneous human pose, face landmarks, and hand tracking in real-time on mobile devices can enable various modern life applications: fitness and sport analysis, gesture control and sign language recognition, augmented reality try-on and effects.

#7 Selfie Segmentation

segments the prominent humans in the scene.

#8 Hair Segmentation

#9 Object Detection

#10 Objectron

mobile real-time 3D object detection solution for everyday objects.

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