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Pictory Tale - Redesign Concept

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Skilltape wants to give companies the right to know how they spend on their software subscriptions. They enable users to automatically detect what they're paying for, with cool features like bank syoogle suite sync. LicenceOne can save your company up to 30% on their annual spend, and give you back the control on your spend. Hundreds of software means hundreds of potential datacenters, sub-processors, and security vulnerabilities.







The Problem

The demand for augmented reality products has steadily increased, especially since Metaverses has gained traction. The software is used in games, marketing, and social media networks. The start-up Pictory Tale saw a gap in the kind of content that can be created for and posted to social media platforms. They decided to develop a new experience through which people and companies can create effective social media content with the help of virtual objects. The challenge: they needed technical support in developing the app. This is where we came in


Arttteo developed the AR mobile platform Pictory tales needed. The app allows people to create UGC content easily using virtual objects: from generating avatars to 3D model videos and employing green screens

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During its pre-seed stage in Norway, the startup was able to attract more than 2000 users through the app we developed. In addition, they created B2B products and collaborated with various creative agencies on all five continents. Pictory Tales also raised seed investments due to the app. Arttteo has been asked to continue developing its product. The startup will be announcing its Series A round in the near future

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